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Tinhorn is part of Landmark, the highest-performing laminate floor in the Lamdura collection. Featuring beautiful embossed-in-register textures, a tough commercial-grade wear layer, and Aqua Protect, it is perfect for busy high-traffic households.

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A focus on your home’s environment. Designed to meet the highest indoor air quality standards for you and your family.

  • Water Resistant

    Features Aqua Protect water protection technology for 72-hour protection against everyday household spills, pet accidents, and extended defense against standing water.

  • Scratch & Stain Resistant

    Features a highly durable surface that protects floors against the wear and tear of a busy household, including scratches and pet accidents.

  • Family & Pet Friendly

    Worry-free product designed for the daily challenges of a busy home. Safe for you and those who matter the most.

  • Lifetime Anti-fade

    Visuals are printed using UV-protected inks for a lifetime guarantee against fading from sun exposure.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Extremely low off-gassing levels of VOCs and formaldehyde. Third-party certified, ensuring that this product meets the highest indoor air quality standards for residential spaces.

  • Easy to Clean

    Low maintenance flooring that does not require special or expensive cleaning agents and is safe to clean by wet, damp, and steam mop.

  • Attached Underlay

    Equipped with a pre-attached underlayment that provides built-in acoustical performance and attributes for a quieter experience under foot.

  • Easy Installation

    Features a built-in locking system for a quick and simple DYI installation that requires a small number of tools.


Plank Width7.56 in (192 mm)
Plank Length50.59 in (1,285 mm)
Thickness8+2 mm
Edge Profile 4-sided bevel
SQ. FT. / Carton18.58


Species Oak
Variation Light
Number of Unique Planks10


Wear RatingAC5
Surface TextureScarlet EIR
Installation TechnologyMegaloc 2.0
WarrantyLifetime Residential / 7 Year Commercial
Country of ManufactureGermany
CertificationGreenGuard Gold & Blue Angel

Sound Specifications

Attached Underlay2 mm
Airborne Sound TransmissionASTM E90 & ASTM E413
without drop ceiling STC 53 dB
w/drop ceiling STC 62 dB
Impact Sound TransmissionASTM E492 & ASTM E989
without drop ceiling IIC 56 dB
w/drop ceiling IIC 73 dB
Change in Impact Sound Transmission (Delta)ASTM E2179
ΔIIC 25 dB
Underlay PerformanceCompressive Strength: 10.15 PSI
Low emission & non-toxic.
Resistant to mold, moisture, bacteria, solvents & chemicals.

Advanced Water Protection

Landmark and Inspirations feature water-resistant performance to fit the needs of your home. Both product families are equipped with Aqua Protect, our long-lasting water protection technology. It offers 72 hours of defense against everyday household spills. Worry-free floors that are safe to mop, plus extended spill and standing water protection.

Sound Control System

All Lamdura floors are equipped with a 2 mm pre-attached underlay that provides built-in acoustical performance. The underlay gives Landmark, Inspirations, and Visions an added sound controlling feature that helps to dampen sound and provides a quieter experience under foot. Additionally, it helps to simplify installation as purchasing large rolls of underlay is no longer required.

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