General Care & Maintenance

Inhaus floors are among the highest performing floors available. Ensure your floors continue looking great by following these easy-to-follow cleaning and care guides. Please carefully read all of the points outlined; and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Important Maintenance Criteria

  • After installation, be sure to maintain your floor’s temperature and Relative Humidity in accordance with Inhaus guidelines.
  • Place floor mats and area rugs at to minimize damage from debris.
  • Place protective pads under furniture legs and other movable furniture.
  • Use protective mats under wheeled office-type chairs.
  • Avoid using polishes, waxes, or detergent-based cleaners as they will leave a film/residue on the surface of your floors and may cause damage beyond repair.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners on your Inhaus floors.
  • We never recommend flooding or heavy use of water on your floor.

Please review your product’s care guide to find a comprehensive set of instructions on how to care for your Inhaus floors.

Sono Eclipse Touch-up Marker

Touch-Up Marker Guide

The Sono touch-up marker will help mask the appearance of minor chips, scrapes, or scratches that may occur on your floor.

How to use the Sono Touch-up Marker